Planting churches can be exciting and fulfilling work but it takes a tremendous amount of work, dedication, and always takes a calling. If you are considering the idea of planting a church, we would love to talk with you. There is an abundance of resources out there for church planting but due to the many ideologies of the matter, it is hard to wrap your mind around it all. Listed below are several great resources.
The NAMB Send Network has a lot of great articles for all stages of church planting. Check those out here: www.sendnetwork.com 
Missouri Baptist Church Planting Ministry has a lot of great resources on their site as well. http://mobaptist.org/church-planting/church-planter-resources/ 
JD Payne, a leader in the church-planting world, offers many great resources. On his website you can find his books, his blog, and even a couple free E-Books.
Highly Recommended Book – Discovering Church Planting
Nelson Searcy also has a ton of resources on his website. Nelson is a systems guy and that is probably why I like him so much. He has several great books and he offers a lot of materials for free on his website.
Highly Recommended Books: Launch and Fusion