Process For Churches That Request Membership In The Greene County Baptist Association

1. New church pastor and church leaders meet with Director to discuss interest in pursuing membership in the Association. To allow ample time for the process, this initial contact needs to take place by April of the year the church is requesting membership
2. Secure “not for profit” church status including tax-exempt number from the Secretary of State of Missouri.
3. Provide the Associational Church Relations Committee with copies of the church’s Articles of Faith, Constitution and By-Laws, ministry and organizational documents and other church organizational materials.
4. Demonstrate a willingness to be a vital part of the Association through involvement, a spirit of cooperation, a love for missions and financial contribution.
5. Pastor and church leader(s) meet with Church Relations Committee for interview.
6. Church Relations Committee takes their recommendation to the Associational Leadership Council.
7. Associational Leadership Council makes their recommendation to the Association at the Annual Meeting in September.
8. Upon approval of the Association at the Annual Meeting, the new church will be provisionally accepted as a member of the Association.
9. After a one-year waiting period, the Associational Leadership Council shall recommend the acceptance or rejection of the church at the next Annual Meeting.
10. If a church is a mission of a cooperating Greene County Baptist Association church:

a) A letter of recommendation from the sponsoring church will be sent to the Church Relations Committee.
b) The one-year waiting period may be waived.
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