A Brief History

On Thursday, October 23, 1873, representatives from seven churches (Ash Grove, Brighton, Cedar Bluff, Ebenezer, Friendship, Mt. Pleasant and Springfield) gathered for the initial meeting of The Greene County Baptist Association.
Four guidelines were presented and adopted:
1. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, the Bible must be taught.
2. Right methods must be used.
3. Stewardship shall be emphasized.
4. Prayer and worship must be paramount.
The purpose for forming this organization was that "The story of Christ be heard around
the world."
With that simple beginning, the Greene County Baptist Association began its rich history. The years following the formation of the Association were marked by steady growth, an emphasis on Sunday School and projects designed to assist state, home and foreign missions efforts.
In 1886, the Association adopted a resolution to raise funds to help build a house for a Training School in Canton, China. During this period of time, the Association also supported a student in the Seminary at Tellugu, India.
By 1907, there were thirty-six (36) churches in the Association with a membership of 4,329. Representatives to the 1909 annual sessions were told, "Churches were losing their good pastors because it was necessary for them to work elsewhere for their own and their families support." Churches were advised to, "Call only scriptural men, and then support them scripturally."
By 1948, there were forty-three (43) churches in the Association. The Association was highly organized with effective work being done by WMU, Brotherhood, Training Union, Sunday School and other organizations.
The Association continued its steady growth and by 1963 had fifty-three (53) churches and four (4) missions. In 1968, the Association adopted the following as its theme for the year: "A Church Fulfilling its Mission Through Evangelism and World Missions."
Today the Greene County Baptist Association has more than one hundred (100) churches and missions. The Association continues to emphasize evangelism and missions while anticipating a great future.